The rapidly expanding ways to capture, share, like, and reblog not only our own moments and experiences but those of complete strangers as well, have created infinite ways to prove ourselves interesting and tangible. As an artist, but also as a woman, I aim to relay challenges faced by myself and other women in today’s society. The power struggles between men and women, and women and women, which I observe through social media as well as in real life, are disheartening and problematic.

For the past year and a half I have been consumed with my growing series “Blinded by the Truisms” which utilizes language as a symbol to inform decisions in color and presentation. Through these paintings I focus on color, text, and personal anecdotes to navigate the crass intimate journey of relationships and womanhood in the digital age. Text like MY BODY MY MELTDOWN AT PANERA BREAD, NOT TODAY, YELLING INTO THE VOID, and WOMEN’S VICTIMHOOD #TRENDING slapped across landscapes, interiors, and dreamscapes alongside a plethora of symbols and shapes display an intensity of discomfort mixed with comic relief. My aim is to share narratives that are uncomfortable yet relatable to other self- identifying women first, but not exclusively. I want to expose intimate memory of my own and moments that we all struggle with— in this world where everyday yields a new perpetrator and a new disaster while we all just try to push forward. I want people to connect with my sentiment, I want people to laugh, I want the viewer to be offended. Anything is better than silence and complacency.