I am perpetually consumed with my growing series “Blinded by the Truisms” which utilizes language as a symbol to inform decisions in color and presentation. Through these paintings I focus on color, text, and personal anecdotes to navigate the crass intimate journey of relationships and womanhood in the digital age. Text like YELLING INTO THE VOID, WOMEN’S VICTIMHOOD #TRENDING, “POWER WANTS YOUR BODY SOFTENING IN A CHAIR” AND I WATCHED SMOKE EXIT THE CEDAR HOUSE slapped across landscapes, interiors, and dreamscapes alongside a plethora of symbols and shapes display an intensity of discomfort, comic relief and a yearning for momentary solace. My aim is to share narratives that are real, possibly uncomfortable, and relatable to other self- identifying women first, but not exclusively. I want to expose intimate memories and small moments of observation that allow us to lift the political weight around our neck momentarily. I want people to connect with my sentiment, I want people to laugh, I want the viewer to be offended. Anything is better than silence and complacency.