My painting series once titled “blinded by the truisms” has evolved from narratives and anecdotes of interpersonal relationships as a female in the digital age, to the growing impact of environmental relationships and waste in the digital age; with language as a symbol to inform decisions in color and presentation. Continuing through the lens of challenging my own womanhood, I pull from my presence in male-dominated spaces such as fabrication, agriculture, and painting. Through this work I focus on color, text, and personal anecdotes to navigate the chaotic and intimate journey of environmental despair and political turmoil and how we can find relief and importance in the small moments.

Recently, the series has focused more upon these “small moments of observation” that allow me and others to pause and be grateful for the present. My personal need to be immersed in nature grows more apparent with everyday in the hope of emphasizing the importance of minute details. While many of these anecdotes or short credos come from personal experience, pop culture, and literature, they are often born out of travel and draw heavily from the changing natural landscape that we are struggling to protect.